Art question: Should Denver be offended that it didn’t get a naked Donald Trump sculpture?

I guess we haven’t “made it.”
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The Washington Post reports that New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle have all been graced by the presence of big, offensive statues of a caricaturized, nude Donald Trump, crediting "anarchist collective INDECLINE."

New York had New Yorky things to say about it:

No sightings in Denver yet. I guess we haven't "made it." Is it because Colorado has had more than our fair share of Trump already and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle felt left out? (Ohio's had plenty and so has New York, so that argument's out.) Is this because we don't get Christo or "Red Velvet"?  Is it an infrastructure thing? Because we've had a giant butt here and that seemed like it worked out fine.

Should Denver be offended? Or just... grateful?

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