You could win a “smoke sesh” with Tommy Chong, but we can’t be totally sure what that is

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In one of the most obvious marketing strategies ever, the Tommy Chong brand of weed is offering up 15 chances to have a "smoke sesh and more" with Tommy Chong. But what will you be smoking?

Weed, presumably. This is the guy from Cheech & Chong. This is the guy who got nine months for selling bongs. (One piece of evidence: He signed the bongs.)

But still, the Chong's Choice brand never really says what a "smoke sesh" is.

In fact, the contest rules expressly say that there will be no "free marijuana or marijuana­-based products as a prize."

So, if you're smoking with Chong, then he isn't giving free greens – at least not as an official response to you winning this contest, anyway.

Instead, the official prize is a tour of Verde Natural in Denver, Colorado, accompanied by Tommy Chong. What's that worth?

One hundred bucks, according to the contest rules.

Chong's Choice, by the way, is being sold in stores around the Front Range.

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