Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 29

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Today’s news includes a big question about the 16th Street Mall, a warning about construction on South Broadway, a fascinating story about marijuana research and a recap of the Green Party’s day in Denver.

16th Street Mall:

We’re declaring this to be 16th Street Week. To celebrate, we’ll be running a series of stories, starting with this one: Why are there so many chain stores on the Mall, and is that so bad? (Denverite)

We also want your opinions on 16th Street. We’ll be collecting them through this survey, and you can also come talk to me in person on Thursday, from 7 a.m. to evening. I’ll be running a Denverite tent near T.J. Maxx on the Mall. (Denverite)

Jill Stein came to party:

She made an appeal for third-party voters, particularly the Bernie crowd. There are some spicy quotes in Chloe’s story about the Green Party rally. (Denverite)

Vehicles & pedestrians:

Sadly, a person was killed by a reportedly speeding vehicle at West Alameda and Morrison on Sunday night. (Denverite)

Expect delays at West Mississippi and South Broadway for a few weeks. (Denverite)

The governor’s carbon cut faces some resistance:

A Republican representative says John Hickenlooper is “thumbing his nose” with his plan to cut power-plant emissions by 35 percent. The governor says it’s a “vision,” not an order. I expect a long fight. (The Gazette)

Why “6,630,507” is the number to know in the marijuana business:

The seven-figure digit represents a patent held by the U.S. government on cannabis chemical compounds. The Post’s Alicia Wallace has a fun, deep dive on how it became a rallying cry for the legalization movement. Hint: It shows the federal government is interested in the plant’s potential positives. (DP)

Officer-involved shooting:

An officer killed a man who reportedly was wielding a knife in the Baker neighborhood early on Saturday. A Taser reportedly did not stop the man’s advance. (Denverite)

You can still vote if you live outside:

All you need is an address where you can receive mail, with no ID required for registration. The Secretary of State wants to make sure you know that. (DP)

How is climate change affecting our parks?

Temperatures are climbing at Black Canyon and Great Sand Dunes, while Mesa Verde may be in jeopardy. Colorado Public Radio has some solid reporting on the topic. (CPR)