If pretending to assassinate extremists in rural Colorado is your thing, Hitman has you covered

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Hitman, a virtual assassin, visits Colorado. (Io-Interactive)

The video game Hitman is all about being a super-weird bald guy who kills people for a living. Previous episodes of the game have sent the shiny assassin into such world-famous cities as Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh and Bangkok.

Now, finally, you can take your hired-gun fantasy to a little place that the developers are calling "Colorado, USA."

Agent 47, a virtual assassin, visits Colorado. (Io-Interactive)

For context, Hitman is a series of games (and one movie) that has been going since 2000. The latest version is being released in episodes, each about a different mission in a different place. The draw is that the player chooses between multiple routes, costumes and tools for murder. It's popular enough that the announcement of a new one makes waves in gaming circles.

Where will the Hitman, aka Agent 47, be going in Colorado? He apparently will not be doing any fun millennial activities, except maybe a little tour on a bike bar, because he has lots of paid-killer stuff to do.

"From the moment you set foot in Colorado, you’re on enemy ground," a press release informs me. (Maybe Hitman has a bad experience with the A Line?)

The action reportedly plays out at "a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp."

Your targets are four people who have experience ranging from "environmental terrorism" to "chemical interrogation." Is this some kind of Earth Liberation Front gone super-bad?

Maybe a Vail-esque company wants revenge for an act of mountaintop arson? Maybe you're just ruthlessly murdering hippies who've fallen slightly astray?

Or maybe these are the kind of terrorists that actually hurt people? The press release notes that the four marks are all "very different." Is this some kind of domestic villainy super-group?

The new episode comes out Sept. 27.

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