What $240,000 gets you in Denver and three other housing markets

staff photo

Feeling down about searching for a house in Denver? If you were looking for a house in Seattle, you’d get half as much space than in our fair city.

Read on and decide for yourself whether the grass is greener thousands of miles away.


I dream of the day that I can live like a sun-drunk cat, always on a porch, so this house looks appealing. Maybe the reality would be different, as the porch faces onto busy 13th street. Then again, there’s a back porch too.


Ok, so it’s the smallest house of the bunch and also the most expensive. But it’s also quirky as heck. It would be like living in a tiny house, but in an urban environment.


All your guests will feel comforted by your very-residential exit sign above the front door. None of my friends care as deeply about preventative emergency exit signage. Also, of all porch views, this one is the best. Pittsburgh, you’re alright.


Does the stuffed dog in the first picture live in the cage? Please someone go see this house and report back.

Anyway, one thing that’s not factored into these comparable houses in different cities is the cost of moving. Transporting all of your earthly possessions thousands of miles is both costly and stressful. What if you just moved to possibly up-and-coming Longmont?