How Colorado teachers talk about 9/11 with kids too young to remember

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When many of us learned about the attack on Pearl Harbor in school, we might have been shocked or saddened, but the distance between us and December 7, 1941, was long enough to dampen the blow.

But September 11, 2001, is not so far behind us.

Any teacher right now is old enough to remember 9/11 -- if only just barely -- but some of their students are not. So how do they talk about something so horrific?

CPR took a look.

"I've had one of my kids even say to me, 'Like, remember, it's never going to be as real to us as it was to you. But we still want to know what's going on and we still want to know as much as we can.,' "Laura Hinojos, a sixth-grade teacher in Golden told CPR. "I think by telling our personal stories, talking to their parents, hearing as many stories as they can, I think that helps make it real for [students]."

That's only the beginning. Follow the link above for CPR's full interview with Hinojos and another local teacher.

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