A judge had a few food puns for Chipotle executive Mark Crumpacker

Is your dad on the bench in Manhattan?


Is your dad on the bench in Manhattan?

If Judge Edward McLaughlin isn’t an actual dad, he sure is one in spirit. During Chipotle executive Mark Crumpacker’s court appearance yesterday in New York, McLaughlin could not resist a couple bad jokes.

The New York Post reports that the judge said to Crumpacker, “I want to put the stupid puns aside, though I realize you may want some food for thought here.”

Then, when Crumpacker’s lawyers asked for an Oct. 18 adjournment date, McLaughlin said, “If you want six weeks to chew on this that’s fine.”


If you want to know what Crumpacker probably looked like in that moment, hop over to the Post’s story.

Crumpacker, 53, has been indicted in a cocaine ring bust. He is one of 18 alleged buyers and was caught 13 times on wiretap purchasing the drug from a delivery service.

According to Bloomberg, the repeat buyers were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree. The misdemeanor conviction carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.