The NCAA says CU mascot Ralphie has the best entrance in college football because of course she does

“They have a real buffalo for heavens sake!”
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The NCAA loves them some Ralphie.

This week, college athletics’ governing body named the University of Colorado’s buffalo mascot the “best entrance in college football.”

Ralphie has gained popularity for her runs across Folsom Field before every CU football home game and also during halftime.

The Pac 12 Conference made a Facebook post about Ralphie’s award, and it received 2,600 likes and 749 shares as of 2 p.m. Thursday.

“No doubt about that,” wrote top commenter Tanner Lythgoe on the post. “I mean come on why wouldn't they! They have a real buffalo for heavens sake!”

Agreed, Tanner. Agreed.

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