These animals own the catwalk at Walker Ranch

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

staff photo

A single camera at the Walker Ranch open-space park caught four of Colorado’s favorite animals getting down with their bad selves.

First, you have to queue up this song.

Open this in a new tab.

Now you’re ready to anthropomorphize some animals.

Hit it, lil foxy.

Nice, good stuff. (Boulder County)

Nice, good stuff. (Boulder County)

Bring out the big boy.

Fabulous, Mr. Bear. (Boulder County)

Fabulous, Mr. and/or Mrs. Bear. (Boulder County)

It’s time for a m-f’ing lynx.

Who are you wearing? (Boulder County)

Who are you wearing? Yourself? (Boulder County)

And this cat needs no introductions:

Meow, baby. Meow. (Boulder County)

Meow, baby. Meow. (Boulder County)

Want to do it all again?

Play this Ginuwine in a new tab and hit it from the top. (Thanks, Alex Burness.)

But what’s it all mean?!

We have an incredible diversity of animals, they are wonderful, and we should probably stop taking dumps in their homes.

Also, all these photos came from the Boulder County education and outreach team. Follow them.