Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 23

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Catch up on all the Denver news, from what Darryl Glenn is talking about to what Pam Grier is up to these days.

Then go do something.

We had a chat with Darryl Glenn

Read our story and the full transcript of the Republican Senate candidate's interview with Erica Meltzer. (Denverite)

What to expect when the Broncos meet the Bengals

The Bengals' offense looks surprisingly one-dimensional. (Denverite)

The story of Bail Bonds Row

A man named Red, an unsolved murder and a familiar tale of a growing city. (Denverite)

And speaking of bail bonds buildings...

An Austin investment firm spent $2 million on two of them. (Denverite)

Take a tour of the new Central Market

It's got all your food and drink needs. Just don't try to consume it all at once. (Denverite)

Bad news out of Denver schools

Disadvantaged students are progressing slower than their peers on state tests, and the gap is only getting bigger. (Chalkbeat)

It's hard to be a renter in Denver

There’s no cap on application fees, landlords can discriminate based on source of income, people get evicted over as little as $8, and other stress-inducing facts. (Denverite)

And just guess what metro Denver rent is doing now

Go on. Guess. (DP)

Von Miller talks kneeling for the national anthem

“You see what we’re dealing with this week, that’s what Colin is doing it for, that’s what Brandon (Marshall) is doing it for..." (Denverite)

Here's why you should know about Alt Ethos

company to watch with a cube to touch from Denver Startup Week. (Denverite)

City staff explain why a homeless camp was cleared

"There were very serious concerns about the unsafe, unhealthy and inhumane conditions..." (Denverite)

Trevor Siemian knows what's up

"Receivers, they want the ball..." (AP)

Things at Frontier sound kind of chaotic

This explains the delays. (9)

Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. is reopening its Denver taproom

They'll have a party on Saturday. (Eater)

Colorado's Pam Grier will star in new movie

The Foxy Brown/Jackie Brown actress joins Cybill Shepherd and James Brolin. (Deadline)

New season, new coach for the Avs

They would rather not have a third season out of the playoffs. (AP)

Now we know more about why John Malone's Liberty Media bought Formula One

They see opportunities in gaming and gambling. (Reuters)

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