You can now bike much farther west without touching Interstate 70

A newly opened bike path fills in a “missing link” and lets cyclists ride without interacting with very fast cars.
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US 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, 1897. (Wikimedia Commons)

Cyclists now have a much better way to get into the mountains on the I-70 corridor.

A newly opened bike path will run for 1.2 miles on the north side of the highway, from the Genesee Park interchange to Evergreen Parkway. CDOT is calling the $2.4 million path and bridge a "missing link" because cyclists previously were forced to ride I-70's shoulder for that part of their journey.

So, here's a route you can do now: You could ride the Clear Creek Trail up to Golden without dealing with a single car. A ride over Lookout Mountain Road would take you pretty much to the start of this new trail. The new trail drops you off near U.S. 40, which is still a challenging road but not nearly as scary to bike as I-70.

Here's a map of part of the route west, provided by BicycleColorado. Note that it hasn't been updated with the new path yet.

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