A nearly defunct restaurant chain founded in Denver is getting a second chance in its hometown

The Spicy Pickle, founde at 10th and Lincoln streets in 1999, is returning.
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The Spicy Pickle, founded at 10th and Lincoln streets in 1999 and closed in 2012, is returning.

BusinessDen reports that the restaurant's former accountant, John Ward, will be the one to bring it back. This time, it will be at the corner of Lawrence and 19th streets.

The Spicy pickle closed its doors in Denver in 2012, and as the company struggled, it lost all but one outpost throughout nine states. Right now, there are Spicy Pickle shops in Reno, Kuwait City and Doha, Qatar.

Garth Moore, the chain's new owner, told BusinessDen that under his leadership, The Spicy Pickle will get its meat and cheese from Boar’s Head and make their bread in house.

“We’re going to be an $11 sandwich,” he said. “When you’re in the mood to have a $5 sandwich delivered, that’s fine. But that’s not us.”

And Moore and Ward don't plan on stopping with one new Spicy Pickle. Moore tells BusinessDen he thinks Denver can support four or five locations and that the goal is to expand to places like Texas and Arizona, and have 10 profitable locations within five years.

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