Drake wore a Von Miller jersey at his concert in Denver

Earlier this summer, he memorably performed with Kevin Durant’s new Warriors jersey on.
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Drake is a man of many passions.

The uber-popular Canadian rapper and singer likes to complain about various women in his life, for example. Drake spends most of the time in his No. 1 hit "Hotline Bling" lamenting a former booty call who went on with her life when he left an unspecified city.

Drake also likes wearing jerseys of various sports teams. Earlier this summer, he memorably performed with Kevin Durant's new Warriors jersey on.

There was the time he rocked the Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker's jersey earlier this summer.

And when he wore a Houston jersey in Houston.

Also an, ummm, Eastern Florida jersey while he was playing a show in Florida.

Drake visited Denver on Sunday night with Future as their Summer 16 Tour continued. Naturally, he wore a Broncos jersey. That's him on the right in Von Miller's No. 58.

Concert-goers must have been excited to see one of the world's most popular artists wearing Broncos' swag.

Denver is special to Drake! Just like everyone else!

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