Donald Trump liked his Colorado fire marshal this time

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Donald Trump at the Western Conservative Conference 2016. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Donald Trump was apparently happy with the size of his audience yesterday in Loveland, and with the local fire marshal.

In July, Trump criticized a fire marshal in Colorado Springs for not allowing an illegal number of people into a venue.

Yesterday, he had this to say about the marshal in Loveland, according to a transcript from Breitbart:

"Nice crowd, nice, but you understand what I’m saying. Oh, my people don’t get it, my people don’t, they don’t get it my people, but if they would span the crowd — and this is what we have, no matter where we go, it’s only dictated by the size of the arena — right by the size," he said.

"We went to Pueblo today; we had a tremendous crowd. All dictated by the size of the arena, and I want to thank our fire marshal who was fantastic, he was fantastic to allow so many people into the building. They have people standing at every door, but I always say how can you have a fire, it’s a concrete floor? But I want to thank the fire marshals, they were fantastic and I want to thank our police, what a job they do. What a job. What a job."

Officials at Loveland's Budweiser Event Center put the crowd at 8,000 people inside and 2,000 outside, according to The Coloradoan. The Pueblo crowd was around 2,000, according to Bloomberg.

Trump played on a "comeback" message at the Pueblo and Loveland rallies, as Bloomberg reported. He turned the story of his massive losses in the '90s (as detailed on his leaked 1995 taxes, which indicate he could have used the losses to avoid paying nearly $1 billion in taxes) into a personal tale of redemption.

“I have legally used the tax laws to my benefit,” Trump told the Pueblo crowd, according to Bloomberg. “Honestly, I have brilliantly used those laws.”

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