Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is praying over his support of Trump

staff photo

Darryl Glenn, the El Paso County Commissioner trying to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, has been a firm supporter of Donald Trump. Saturday morning, in the aftermath of audio in which Trump can be heard talking about groping women because he can, Glenn said he is praying over whether continue that support.

Here is Glenn’s full statement posted on his Facebook page:

“I’m extremely troubled by these comments and I’m still praying over my open support of his election. My faith teaches me grace, mercy, respect and forgiveness after repentance. Time and action will tell.”

The comments so far urge Glenn to maintain his support of Trump.

Glenn’s ambivalence comes as a number of Republican elected officials have withdrawn their support, even after maintaining it through previous racist and sexist comments from their candidate.

Rep. Mike Coffman said Friday night that Trump should “step aside” and let a candidate who might salvage a win run instead.