Comcast announced data caps are coming to Colorado, and Twitter was not happy

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General views at the Comcast Center seen Monday October 19, 2015 in Philadelphia. (Courtesy of Comcast)

General views at the Comcast Center scene Monday, Oct. 19, 2015 in Philadelphia. (Courtesy of Comcast)

Comcast announced last week that the company plans to charge customers in Colorado more for unlimited internet use — the response was less than positive and sometimes included curse words or references to animal anatomy.

(Be forewarned some of those tweets are included below.)

Colorado and 17 other states are being added Nov. 1 to the 16 states already being charged more for going beyond 1 terabyte of internet data in a month. Customers can also pay an extra $50 per month for the unlimited data option.

The company plans to charge new and existing customers an additional $10 fee every time they use 50 gigabytes of data beyond the terabyte. On Friday, Comcast tweeted a short video to its 128,000 followers explaining how difficult it is to use a terabyte of data.

The company also says on its website, "99 percent of our customers do not use a terabyte of data and are not likely to be impacted by this plan."

And Comcast plans to give its internet users "two courtesy months, so you will not be billed the first two times you exceed a terabyte while you are getting used to the new data usage plan."

The company didn't immediately respond to how customers were taking the news, but the below tweets from the Denver area suggests not well.

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