Gov. John Hickenlooper seen chanting on Monday Night Raw wrestling

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Let’s get ready to govern.

John Hickenlooper, elected leader of Colorado, scored some primetime seats for Monday Night Raw, the popular theatrical combat show.

Raw made a stop at the Pepsi Center last night, and Hickenlooper was in attendance with people who would appear to be his wife and child.

The governor was seen to be chanting “Goldberg.” That would be Bill Goldberg, the legendarily large wrestler, who reportedly had invited Hickenlooper and family to the event. The crowd loved Goldberg, while Hick was lightly booed.

Goldberg was not fighting on Monday, but instead previewing his later return from retirement. He’s generally a good guy (or a “face”) from what I can tell, which I guess makes it OK for Hickenlooper to support him. I am unclear on Goldberg’s legislative agenda.

Look at the governor’s eyes. Deadly serious. (Also, wrestling returns to the Pepsi Center tonight with Smackdown. No word on gubernatorial attendance.)

Any-who. I would write this off as a political stunt to pick up Trump voters… wait, that might be accurate. Remember this?

Donald Trump makes an appearance on WWE. (WWE)

Donald Trump makes an appearance on WWE. (WWE)

Ah. America.