Presidential candidates favor Nevada over Colorado when it comes to face time

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Well, now I’m starting to feel neglected.

Since Adrian first looked at where presidential candidates are spending the most time campaigning, Colorado has fallen three spaces to become only the ninth most visited state.

But maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised. The four-most visited states are among the states most likely to tip the election, according to FiveThirtyEight.

After that, it starts to get a bit weird. Like how the Trump campaign has visited Virginia 12 times, despite the fact that both the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight think it’s more likely to go for Clinton.

Or that both Iowa and Nevada got more visits than we did. Nevada is very competitive while Iowa has been leaning Republican. But FiveThirtyEight doesn’t even think that they’re tipping points for this election. Nevada billionaire Sheldon Adelson hasn’t even given Trump a wad of cash.

Back in our own purple state, the Republican ticket has visited more often than the Democratic one. Or at least, the Republican ticket visits parts of the state more often.

But what are the candidate’s favorite cities in the state? Since August, Trump himself has favored Colorado Springs, going there more than other cities he’s visited. Clinton for her part has visited Commerce City, Pueblo and Denver since Aug. 10.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Campaign visits after Clinton and Trump were nominated
State Clinton-Kaine Trump-Pence Both Campaigns
Florida 14 15 29
Ohio 8 17 25
Pennsylvania 11 14 25
North Carolina 8 16 24
Virginia 3 12 15
Iowa 4 8 12
Nevada 7 4 11
New Hampshire 4 7 11
Colorado 4 6 10
Washington D.C. 6 3 9
Michigan 4 4 8
Wisconsin 1 7 8
Arizona 4 4
California 4 4
New York 3 1 4
Texas 2 2 4
Maryland 2 1 3
Missouri 2 1 3
Georgia 2 2
Indiana 3 3
Maine 2 2
Massachusetts 2 2
Connecticut 1 1
Illinois 1 1
Louisiana 1 1
Nebraska 1 1
New Mexico 1 1
Mississipi 1 1
Washington 1 1
Grand total  92  133  225
Visits are counted as one stop by any member of the Republican or Democratic tickets in a state in a given day. For example, Donald Trump stopping in Pueblo and Loveland on Oct. 3 counts as one visit for Colorado.    Source:, and the Internet Archive.