Do you know this bird-flipping Segway jockey?

Is that… is that guy flipping me off?
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Enhance. The Segway flipper-offer at 5th and Washington.

I was doing a little Google Maps hunting trying to help Andy find something for a story he's working on and I accidentally double-clicked when I meant to single-click, ending up in Street View at the intersection of 5th and Washington.

An immortalized F.U. at 5th and Washington.
Is that... is that guy flipping me off?

Yeah. They blurred his face, but not the finger.

But here's the best thing about it:

We can re-live the excitement by moving along Washington in Street View!

He was minding his own business, cruising along on 5th...

Let's start at the beginning of the Street View middle finger saga.

I think he sees the Street View car here, as he's in the middle of the intersection.
Crossing the street -- is he looking at the car now?

OK, if he didn't before, he definitely does now.
Through the intersection.

And do you think he's just going to let that go?
Or pulling up?

He's coming around.

Hell, no.
Stay on target...

Google is the man, and this dude? He's got a message for the man.
Stay on target...

It's this. This is the message.
Nice shot, kid! That was one in a million!

Now, off to enjoy the spoils of victory.

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