South Park Fort Collins episode airs tonight — let’s watch and compare notes

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park returns Wednesday with an episode about Fort Collins and internet hacking.
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Howdy-ho South Parketeers!

The newest episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's irreverent, 20-season toon is set to air tonight. And watch out, Fort Collins, it's all about you.

This sixth episode of the 20th season, appropriately entitled "Fort Collins," will perpetuate the internet- and election-themed, quasi-apocalyptic vibes of the last few episodes.

Comedy Central's South Park wiki dropped a few teasers, so here's what you might expect to see in tonight's episode.

An entire town in Colorado (one guess as to which) gets hacked. Gerald Broflovski, who's been moonlighting as an international internet troll, fears for his reputation should his entire search history be revealed. The racist member berries that have been keeping the entire town in a daze fear for their lives, and Eric Cartman suspects the apocalypse is nigh.

Heavy stuff, South Park.

Tune in to Comedy Central Wednesday at 8 p.m. MT to catch "Fort Collins" and we can compare notes in the morning.

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