Chipotle’s Tasty Made burger joint gets lukewarm reviews in Ohio

Chipotle’s new fast-casual burger joint in Lancaster, Ohio, leaves Yelp and Twitter users cold after opening week.
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Chipotle’s first foray into the world of the fast-casual burger opened in Lancaster, Ohio, last week and it’s been getting a lot of attention—though not all of it good.

Tasty Made is Chipotle's new concept burger shop and third venture into cuisine outside of their signature Mexican. Chipotle executives announced to investors last week that they would be abandoning their Asian concept restaurant, ShopHouse, in favor of Tasty Made and Pizzeria Locale.

But customers don't seem to love the new burger concept.

Yelpers have already left 17 reviews since Tasty Made's opening on Thursday, and for now, the chain’s averaging a 2-star Yelp rating. To compare, Chipotle restaurants in Denver-metro average about four.

Patrons weighed in on pricing, food quality and ambiance. 

The feedback ranged from user B.P.’s 1-star Yelp review, “they might survive until McDonald's opens back up," to Sam Grove’s apparently 5-star worthy burger that “was as close to In N Out as you can get without becoming embroiled in some kind of litigation over taste and presentation.”

And speaking of litigation, Eater reported that Boston-based Tasty Burger is continuing its fight against Tasty Made’s alleged copyright infringement on its name and logo.

“As long as Chipotle continues to flout the concepts of fairness and decency on their path to minimize and confuse our customer base,” Tasty Burger CEO David DuBois told Eater, “we will continue to fight them through all avenues available to us.”

At this time, DuBois has neither announced a lawsuit, nor officially expressed the intention to sue.

In case you can’t make it out to Lancaster to try Tasty Made, here are a few reviews from Yelp and Twitter: 

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