What is H&D and why are they hiding coins around Denver?

A restaurant mystery is afoot in Denver.


A restaurant mystery is afoot in Denver.

Eater reports that a restaurant known only as H&D will be opening in the Union Station area in January of 2017. Until that happens, you can find the 5,000 coins the restaurant dropped around the city. They’re marked with  “good for one free dram” and “HD2017.com.”

According to Eater: “The reference to ‘dram’ pays homage to the extensive whiskey program planned for H&D, which (we are told) will be the largest in downtown Denver. The chef’s name has yet to be released, but rumor has it that he hails from a popular concept on the East Coast, and will focus on rustic American fare when he opens the Mile High City spot.”

The website on the coin doesn’t reveal anything but some nice design, so we don’t know where it’s going or what it’ll be.

But we do have a few possibly relevant questions:

What will move into the space the Celtic Tavern just left (1801 Blake St.)?

What’s the plan for the liquor license that Hotel Indigo Denver, 1801 Wewatta St., is hoping to get approved at a hearing scheduled for Dec. 2?

In the new Trumpian economy, will we trade novelty coins for alcohol?

Have pirates moved to Denver?