Trail Ridge Road is closed for the season

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Trail Ridge Road. Nov. 9, 2016 (Rocky Mountain National Park via Twitter)

With Thursday's snow, Rocky Mountain National Park announced Friday that Trail Ridge Road is now closed to through-travel for the season.

Just last week, I was marveling that the road was still open in mid-November. This isn't a record, but there are only a handful of times since the road opened in 1932 that it's been open later than Nov. 18.

The portions of the road that allow access to Bear Lake Road, Moraine Park, Horseshoe Park, as well as the section of Trail Ridge Road along the Kawuneeche Valley, remain open, and people can still hike and view wildlife in the park.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in America. It connects Estes Park on the east and Grand Lake on the west and reaches an elevation of 12,183.

Park officials said drifting snow, high winds and cold temperatures have made travel hazardous above 10,000 feet. The road is closed at Colorado River Trailhead on the west side and Many Parks Curve on the east side.

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