Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Nov. 21

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Good Monday to you. Today’s news roundup includes mountain towns’ fight for air service, good meals at DIA, good news for snow bunnies, an update on Chipotle, a conversation about race and much more.

View of a fire and firemen in Denver, Colorado. May 23, 1935. (Harry Mellon Rhoads/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/Rh-1319)  historic; denver public library; dpl; archive; archival; denverite

View of a fire and firemen in Denver, Colorado. May 23, 1935. (Harry Mellon Rhoads/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/Rh-1319)

How to get airlines to fly to Colorado’s mountain towns: pay them.

The areas around Telluride, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs all use sales taxes to fund “guarantees” that keep airlines flying to regional airports. Durango just rejected a similar plan. (DP)

Where to eat when you fly this week:

The one true answer is Modern Market on Concourse B, but other options are acceptable too. (Eater)

DU is accused of underpaying women law professors.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission is suing the University of Denver for allegedly paying each of its female law professors less than what the average male professor makes. DU’s answer is due Dec. 12. (Westword)

Snow report’s looking better:

The mountains should get more this week, and the general pattern is more favorable over the next few.

Meanwhile, a Colorado company’s just-launched satellite will really improve forecasting tech. (Denverite)

Bill Ackman may get more influence on Chipotle’s board.

The “activist investor” reportedly is near a deal to get a seat(s) on the beleaguered burrito big boy’s board. One objective may be taking the company from two CEOs to one. Still, Bloomberg is not optimistic. (Bloomberg)

They’ve talked about race for 19 years.

My look at how one of Denver’s longest-running conversations about race is grappling with Trump, including some tips on starting your own discussion group. (Denverite)

Apple will replace your iPhone 6S battery.

I KNEW MY PHONE WAS ACTING WEIRD. It keeps randomly shutting down at 40 percent power. Apple will replace models built in September and October 2015 for pretty much that exact problem. (Quartz)

Marijuana sales in new markets could dwarf the current legal states.

The four new recreational states (California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada) could total $7.6 billion in sales within five years, potentially doubling current legal recreational sales. (Marijuana Business Daily)

Boulder’s day shelter space is closing.

A nonprofit in 2006 put $150,000 toward the renovation of a building at First Congregational Church in exchange for a decade of rent-free space for the homelessness day program. The decade is over and the church wants rent to start now, so the program instead will rotate between five different churches. (Daily Camera)