Colorado winter: Ski season should be fortified with more real snow this week

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4 inches of snow last night and over 2 feet of snow in the last 7 days. It’s a good day to be in Vail. (Connor Walberg/Snow Snow/Flickr) winter vail; skiing; snow; mountain; winter;

Colorado's mountain resorts got some real weather over the weekend, with various resorts reporting anywhere from 7 to 22 inches of snow, according to OpenSnow.

Swirling snow covering everything with a fresh cushion of fluff. (Greg Younger/Flickr)

That's happening because the high-pressure ridge over Colorado has been busted wide open, allowing storms to blow through the state from the west, exactly as Weather5280 predicted weeks and weeks ago.

The week ahead could bring two storms to the mountains: One lighter one for the northern and central mountains on Wednesday and Thursday, and then a heavier storm on Thursday through Saturday, according to OpenSnow's also very useful forecast.

OpenSnow expects the southern mountains to do best, but those around and north of I-70 also should get substantial accumulation. Weather5280 expects some of those storms may even break out to the urban area, bringing some snow to little ole Denver. The National Weather Service identifies Wednesday and Friday as potential snow days for the plains, but we can't be sure yet.

This past weekend's snow already has gotten more and more of the resorts' acreage open. Winter Park, for example, started up its Mary Jane complex on Sunday, relieving some of the nasty lines I encountered on Saturday.

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