Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Dec. 16

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Hey. We’ve got some interesting changes to business law, new reporting on homelessness in Denver, the Denver Art Museum renovation and more.

Large dog at fence, circa 1900. (Harry H. Buckwalter/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/CHS-B1124)

Large dog at fence, circa 1900. (Harry H. Buckwalter/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/CHS-B1124)

The year ahead in business law:

There’s a surprising amount of changes coming that affect employers and employees alike, including new provisions for pregnant people and some new rights for employees. Adrian has you covered. (Denverite)

The scene from “Move along to where?”

Stephanie reports on the hundreds who gathered to talk homelessness in Denver last night. Highlights: Councilman Albus Brooks continued to defend the camping ban, and there was some progress reported toward the idea of building tiny-home villages for homeless people. (Denverite)

All the other cities seizing homeless people’s gear:

Denver police controversially seized several homeless people’s sleeping gear as evidence that they’d violated the urban camping ban. The city also takes stuff temporarily during sweeps of sidewalks. Mother Jones has a list of other cities that do the same, from Los Angeles to Honolulu. (Mother Jones)

More on CBD:

Chloe has a good explanation of the changes/lack thereof for the status of CBD extract. There are concerns that the DEA is signaling that all cannabinoids are illegal, not just the main psychoactive component of THC.

The Denver Art Museum renovation:

Scheduled for completion by 2021, it could cost $150 million. KUNC has a feature on how they’re rethinking the fortress-like modernist structure, one of the “first ‘high-rise’ art museums ever built.” (KUNC)

Death Star designer speaks:

Colin Cantwell, the designer of much of Star Wars’ most iconic stuff, lives in Boulder and will make an appearance next Tuesday, 4 p.m., at the Trident Cafe. “The players, the ships and the concepts had to be unfolding in a certain way to tell a story that had never been seen before,” he said. (Daily Camera)

A lien on Garden of the Gods:

The Colorado Springs council rejected a settlement with an excavating company that had won a lawsuit against the city. In return, the plaintiff will pursue damages by taking out liens against Garden of the Gods and other city-owned property. It’s complicated. (CS Gazette)

More arcade news:

FTW is opening tonight at Denver Pavilions. It has games, booze and food. (DP)