Frontier Airlines sends extra employees to Denver to deal with baggage problems

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Security lines at DIA. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Winter storm Decima messed up the baggage for a lot Frontier Airlines customers in Denver. How much is a lot? Well, here's a picture for you:

Frontier Airlines spokesperson Jim Faulkner said that "upwards of a dozen" employees were sent to Denver to help connect passengers to their luggage. And those people weren't replacing employees who had recently quit either, as some people online have asserted.

"I heard that rumor, especially yesterday, which isn't true. The only issue yesterday was employees were having trouble getting to work because of the weather," he said.

Faulker was unable to estimate just how many people were affected by the mix-up, but he did say that the situation was not limited to people ending their trip in Denver:

"Part of it is there are still bags in the bag room from connecting flights, so they didn't even have Denver as their final destination, they were connecting through Denver," Faulkner said.

Meanwhile, Frontier is working to reunite people with their bags as soon as possible.

"Even today, we're starting to reunite some bags with owners and we're going to keep doing it today, tomorrow, however long it takes," Faulkner said.

He also said extra people have been called in to help process refunds for cancelled flights.

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