Sorry, Subaru drivers: You’re outnumbered in Denver

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Subarus may be tough enough to fly into Cherry Creek Trail, they may be a local cultural phenomenon, but they are not the most popular make of car registered in Denver County. Not in 2015 or 2016 anyway. 

Yes, in this chart of the week, Toyotas asserted themselves as the make of choice for Denver car owners.

Jeeps barely missed the cut, coming in sixth.

Jeeps barely missed the cut, coming in sixth.

The 2016 registrations mostly just show that Denver is not a special snowflake. Toyota and Ford are two of the biggest car sellers in the United States. Honda was also in the top five, according to Automotive News’ November 2016 data.

Subarus do seem to be more popular in Denver than the rest of the country though. Nationally, Nissan, Jeep and Hyundai each are more popular than Subarus. Not in Denver though:

Number registered in 2016
Toyota 33,807
Ford 33,548
Honda 22,823
Subaru 17,915
Nissan 15,463
Jeep 15,384
Dodge 11,433
Volkswagen 8,337
Hyundai 6,990
GMC 6,939
Lexus 5,438
Mazda 5,036
Chrysler 4,024
Cadillac 3,249
Buick 2,870
Infiniti 2,564
Lincoln 1,617
Smart Car 237
Fiat 219
Scion 92

Among the makes, rankings were the same for 2015. Yes Fiat and Scion owners, that does mean that Smart Car registrations were more popular in Denver than your particular make.