CH2M to design coastal protection for New York City in the face of climate change

Climate change may have created jobs that will result in building a wall.
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Englewood-based engineering firm CH2M will be part of the team designing the next generation of coastal protection against storms like Hurricane Sandy. 

The company announced this week that it had been selected by the New York City Department of Design and Construction to participate in the next phase of the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, "an integrated coastal protection system that will reduce the risk of flooding and facilitate access to the waterfront, creating improved public spaces and enhanced natural areas. Stretching from Montgomery Street to East 25th Street in Lower Manhattan, the project will strengthen the urban floodplain against floods and rising sea levels, while providing social and environmental benefits to the community."

In other words, climate change may have created jobs that will result in building a wall. Twenty-seventeen, everybody.

Per the release: CH2M "will continue with the civil engineering and structural design of hard passive resiliency elements, such as flood walls, terraced levees and berms, as well as integrated deployable gates."

Construction is scheduled to begin late this year, according to the project's website.

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