Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Feb. 8

Do you recognize this weird shape? If you don’t, puzzle over it a minute while you catch up on what’s going on around Denver.

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Do you recognize the shape below? If you don’t, puzzle over it a minute while you catch up on what’s going on around Denver. I’ll throw the answer in at the end of this post.

Colorado District 1 (Shape reference:  maps; denver; u.s. house district;

Know what this shape is? 

Break glass in case of rescue

A bill introduced Tuesday in the Colorado House of Representatives would provide Good Samaritan protections for people who break into vehicles to rescue dogs. Also to rescue people, like kids or at-risk adults. And cats. (Denverite)

This fight has nothing and everything to do with Obamacare

The stakes for repealing the state exchange are either very high or completely non-existent, depending on who is making which case. Here are those cases. (Denverite)

On vetting and extreme vetting

The New York Times talked to two former refugees, one now a citizen, the other a legal permanent resident, to describe the process currently in place. One of the two now lives in Aurora.

From that story:

“My kids keep asking, ‘Daddy when are we coming?’”

Mr. Sharif has not told them yet. “They cannot know,” he said. “I don’t want to make them hopeless.” (NYT)

Get out

Is your sleep rhythm off? You might benefit from exposure to more light during the day and less at night. One way a CU Boulder study suggests making that happen: Go camping. (DP)

Remembered as “partisan without being ugly”

Former Colorado House Speaker John Fuhr died at 88. Former Governor Dick Lamm remembers him as being of another, less rancorous time in politics. (DP)

What’s your best old-school Denver bar story?

We checked out Denver’s oldest bars yesterday — and we want to know your favorite memories from these places. You’ll find the form at the bottom of the post. Just don’t try to tell us you drank there with Kerouac. (Denverite)

About that shape…

So, that shape? It’s Colorado’s 1st congressional district, which is represented by Rep. Diana DeGette (and has been since the ’90s). If you knew it, dig up one of your old “I VOTED” stickers and wear it today — and share this post!