Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Feb. 10

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Good morning. Today’s Denver news roundup includes the fires in Boulder County, Boulder rail news, protests this weekend, social marijuana use and more. Also, space:

Another 2011 view east toward Kansas. My best guess is that we're looking, from left, at Cheyenne, Boulder-Denver, Fort Collins and Pueblo along the bottom edge. (ISS/NASA)

Another 2011 view east toward Kansas. Our best guess is that we're looking, from left, at Cheyenne, Boulder-Denver, Fort Collins and Pueblo along the bottom edge. More orbital views of Denver here. (ISS/NASA)

Fires in Boulder County:

Warm temperatures and winds are fueling two grass fires in Boulder County, forcing the evacuation of more than 200 homes so far this morning. (AP)

Congressman wants to get started on Boulder rail:

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is urging RTD to put $134 million in recent savings toward extending the B Line to Boulder and Longmont, which he describes as FasTracks’ original “promise,” as Cathy Proctor reports. The current completion date to Boulder is 2042. (DBJ)

Protests this weekend:

Rallies in support of and against Planned Parenthood will assemble in Denver on Saturday. Erica has the details. (Denverite)

Police make arrest in light-rail station murder:

“A suspect in a shooting death outside a west Denver light rail station told a Denver Police Department detective that his accomplice also shot him after the crime, saying ‘You saw too much,'” as Noelle Phillips reports. (DP)

Traveling while black:

I’d never heard of The Green Book before Megan started reporting on this travel guide for black tourists in the Jim Crow era. She has pulled its Denver listings into a remarkable little story. (Denverite)

Governor unsure of social marijuana use:

The governor is concerned about the health impacts of a bill that would allow the creation of marijuana consumption clubs across the state. “Just because that smoke makes you happy and dumb doesn’t mean it’s good for people,” Hickenlooper told reporters, as Peter Marcus reports. Denver, meanwhile, is on track to legalize marijuana consumption in businesses locally. Also, here’s our annotated guide to Hick’s evolution on pot. (Colorado Politics, Denverite)

The Buntport Theater’s latest:

I really enjoyed the first show I saw at the Buntport – it was imaginatively staged and effective, doing so much with their space. So, I’m excited about their latest, The Zeus Problem, another Buntport original. It’s running through Feb. 25 – check out Craig Williamson’s review. (North Denver Tribune)

More on those undocumented numbers:

There were headlines yesterday about how Denver had a larger undocumented immigrant population than some bigger cities. That’s true, but there are some significant caveats, and we’ve also got a look at the larger trends shaping immigration to this area. (Denverite)

Target on the Mall:

There’s a reason they call it the 16th Street Mall. The latest big brand to arrive: Target is negotiating a lease near 16th and California, as Emilie Rusch reports. (DP)