WATCH: One Year in Colorado, via drones and time-lapse photography

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Winfield Ghost Town and stars. (Daniel Lowe/Star Mountain Media)

Daniel Lowe is a landscape filmmaker in Denver, and he's kindly shared with us a very cool video that takes the viewer through all four seasons in Colorado, from Guanella Pass to downtown Denver.

A native of Virginia, Lowe moved to Colorado in 2015 and spent a good chunk of 2016 searching out the best views.

As he wrote in a blog post about the making of the video:

Something about landscape photography: "You won't know, until You Go."

Meaning: Maps, photos from other people, and social media cannot tell you exactly if and when any given location is going to produce a dramatic image.

"One Year in Colorado" represents many scouting trips, an exploration of the dramatic and varied landscapes of Colorado near Denver.

Often in 2016, I explored the route from Denver to Fairplay, along Colorado route 285, including Mt. Sherman, Jefferson Lake, Staunton State Park, Guanella Pass and the Lost Park wilderness.

Doing the time-lapse portions of the video requires a big investment of, well, time. Lowe spent the night in various locations, including in the ghost town of Winfield to capture the Milky Way above the old school building and in a hotel near Speer Boulevard and Zuni Street to capture sunrise over downtown Denver. As he notes, Denver is changing so quickly there's already one new skyscraper in the skyline he filmed last year.

Lowe also used drones to capture mountain scenery, including one near-miss with a pine tree.

You can read more about the video and see more of Lowe's work here.

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