Denver in 5 minutes: Feb. 19 goosenator update edition

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Canadian geese fly over City Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) animals; birds; city park; denver; denverite; colorado; winter; kevinjbeaty;

Canadian geese fly over City Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The city of Denver has seven "goosenators," per the Los Angeles Times.

In case you forgot why that's delightful, goosenators are machines based a Cornell University study detailing the deepest fears of a goose. More news follows:

More on goosenators

Colorado’s growing urban goose population dwarfs other Rocky Mountain states, according to the experts. Enter a strange orange contraption that you drive at geese. (LA Times)

Hundreds march from Civic Center Park to support Jeanette Vizguerra

Hundreds of people marched to the First Unitarian Church where Jeanette Vizguerra has taken sanctuary with her three children. (Denverite)

Hundreds more march in One Billion Rising

This is starting to sound like civic and physical exercise. The downtown marchers were advocating to end violence against women. (Denver7)

Remember that other political event, Day Without Immigrants?

A masonry shop fired more than 30 employees who missed work on A Day Without Immigrants. The owner is now offering them their jobs back. (Denver CBS)

Marijuana use is still a valid reason for not hiring a worker

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is working to change that in Colorado and two other states. (Denverite)

2 people injured after small plane crashes south of E-470 near Peoria

There were several witnesses when the plane crashed in a parking lot and they all rushed up to the victims to offer help. (Denver7)

Researchers in Vail are working to slow down aging and heal faster

Exercise is apparently “the best anti-aging mitigation we have,” so science can't intervene fast enough, in my opinion. (DP)

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