Horizon: Zero Dawn shows us a post-apocalyptic Colorado that is probably all the transplants’ fault

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A character in Horizon: Zero Dawn looks over the ruins of a city clearly modeled after Denver, with Mile High in the foreground. (Sony Computer Entertainment)

Aloy, the hero of Horizon: Zero Dawn, looks over the ruins of a city clearly modeled after Denver, with Sports Authority Field at Mile High and the South Platte River in the foreground. Have they figured out the naming rights yet? (Sony Computer Entertainment)

There is no traffic after the apocalypse.

So, if you're tired of a Colorado that's increasingly filled with spend-happy millennials, maybe you would prefer a Colorado filled with overgrown ruins, tribal societies and gigantic mechanical dinosaurs?

Fortunately (?), that's what you'll get in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the new post-post-apocalyptic action and roleplaying title for PlayStation 4 that has recently set the gaming world on fire.

Zero Dawn is an open-world game, meaning players are free to explore however they like. Those landscapes are dotted with familiar Colorado landmarks and landscapes. Also surviving: the paleo diet.

I spotted several familiar scenes in the game's trailers, as well as in some screenshots captured by various Redditors. In all seriousness, this looks like a lovingly crafted game, and it's getting correspondingly great reviews.

To be clear, I have no idea what role transplants play in this game's plot, but I hear there's a pretty awesome twist, so one can only assume. Also, full disclosure, I moved here myself. Whatever – let's get to the apocalypse.

<a href="http://www.vanderkrogt.net/statues/object.php?record=usco14&webpage=ST">The Pikes Peak Range Riders Memorial </a>in Colorado Springs. (Sony Computer Entertainment)
<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallett_Peak">Hallett Peak </a>as seen in Horizon: Zero Dawn. (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Finally, Maroon Bells without the crowds, as portrayed in Horizon: Zero Dawn. (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Arguably the 16th Street Daniels & Fisher Tower as portrayed in Horizon: Zero Dawn? (Sony Computer Entertainment)
This is clearly John Hickenlooper. (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Hunting amid Front Range rock formations in Horizon: Zero Dawn. (Sony Computer Entertainment)

Also, there are a couple more iconic locations that weren't featured in the trailers. If you'd like to spoil them, here they are.

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