Airbnb wants to find your next sublet

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There's no denying that Airbnb has essentially become a verb in modern parlance. Going on a trip? There's a good chance you might Airbnb it, and book someone else's home for a few days on the company's website.

But now the company wants you to think of it as a destination for long-term rentals too, reports Bloomberg.

Airbnb has asked McKinsey & Co. to research the market, according to Bloomberg. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment and downplayed the project:

“Examining different parts of the market is standard operating procedure, and we don’t have any announcements to make,” Airbnb spokesperson Nick Papas told Bloomberg.

And actually, Airbnb already has a search for longer-term stays on its site. Though Bloomberg notes that the search requires an end date, something that a month-to-month renter might not know.

A cursory search of Denver suggests that a renter could find a place for monthly rates ranging from roughly $700 a month to upwards of $20,000 a month

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