Denver’s hottest new club is National Western, where you pay $25 to get sprayed with foam for several hours

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Last year’s Foam Wonderland concert in Denver. (Foam Wonderland/YouTube)

The kids are having group bubble-baths while listening to EDM again.

After reportedly selling out the Fillmore last year, the Foam Wonderland tour is coming back to Denver with the "ultimate foam party experience," including the "World's Largest Foam Production & Lasers," which is good because a lackluster foam party is extraordinarily sad, even for this world.

A foam party, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is an event at which “soapy foam is sprayed onto the dance floor while participants dance. The foam is distributed by blowers on the ground or attached to the ceiling, and several feet of foam can accumulate. Foam parties can last for several hours while foam is dispersed intermittently throughout the night."

Apparently they got started in the Mediterranean, particularly on the party island of Ibiza. (Paris Hilton DJed one!)

The details:

If this all sounds like your thing, the National Western Complex is where you're going to want to be for just about seven hours on the night of June 3. Tickets run $25 to $50, with $50 getting you instant entry and access to special VIP deck where maybe you won't get sprayed with foam?

The event listing doesn't say where in NWC this will happen, but we have to assume it's the Coliseum. You have to be 16 or older. Foam Wonderland is a production of Crowdsurf Concerts. No crowd surfing is allowed – too slippery.

There will be music, and there will be alcohol, and there will be not just Millennials but also Generation Z and whatever other age groups really love experiences.

The Insta game is going to be out of control, hampered only by the fact that everything you own is liable to get wet at this event. Also, foam parties sometimes result in corneal abrasions and eye infections, which means you finally have a real, practical reason to wear rave goggles.

This year's lineup includes Borgore, Party Favor, Snavs and Fransis Derelle.

One more thing: "good vibes only." I have to assume that excludes standing in the back and looking extremely quizzical the entire time. So, have fun, everyone else.

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