Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, June 3

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A hole in the ceiling of the Historic Elitch Theatre, West Highland, June 3, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)  historic elitch theatre; west highland; kevinjbeaty; denver; theater; colorado; denverite;

A hole in the ceiling of the Historic Elitch Theatre, West Highland, June 3, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Have you gone on a picnic yet this summer? I recommend packing this news if you’re planning on going out today. It travels well and has all the savory umami flavors of being a well-informed citizen of our fair city. 

Denver’s Mexican Cultural District will be Westwood’s Morrison Road

What does Westwood share with Mexico? Residential architectural features like its fences and authentic Mexican food. What does a cultural district do to preserve those things? Joseph has the answer. (Denverite)

You can still enjoy a part of Historic Elitch Garden

Near the southern tip of Tennyson Road, there’s not too many indicators left of the raucous amusement park that once was. Or so I thought. The Historic Elitch Theater will open on June 16 for its summer film series. Here’s how that helps a group of people restore the place that once housed Grace Kelly. (Denverite)

Mt. Evans Road is now open up to Summit Lake

I know all you outdoor cats have been waiting for this news. (Denverite)

Hundreds turn out to protest Trump-Russia ties

Back at it again, Denver. AP estimates that 300 people marched in Denver Saturday to agitate for stronger investigation of possible inappropriate ties to Russia. (AP)

Ozone-action alert until 4 p.m. today

This one goes out to my asthmatic and breathing-impaired buddies. The alert is a result of local pollution and can cause breathing difficulties, especially for the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. (DP)

Denver Post is teaming up with ProPublica on “Documenting Hate”

Propublica has been working to quantify hate crimes across the country, a very tricky and labor intensive endeavor. Now they’ll be getting help from the Denver Post. Kudos to all! Learn more here. (DP)

Denver Art Museum’s “The Western” stakes a claim for the museum

The new exhibit is a 21st century land grab of sorts to seal the museum’s reputation, according to the Denver Post’s review. And the ambitious “The Western” delivers an experience that you can spend hours on. (DP)

We don’t know how Colorado Mills closure has impacted employment

The state is helping to put on a job fair this Wednesday in Golden for workers who have been affected by the hailstorm closure of the Colorado Mills Mall. The mall is believed to have employed 2,000 to 3,000 people. (DP)

Reactions from the new Chautauqua parking system

“It’s only weekends. What, like people only come here on weekends? That’s not true. People are here all week. We’ll see what happens Monday through Friday,” one resident told Fox31. (Fox31)

Blind man kicked off Frontier flight

It’s Denver-based Frontier Airlines turn for a questionable customer service action, I guess. Frontier didn’t let a blind man board one of their flights and told him he would “be a liability in the case of an emergency” after the man asked for help. (Fox31)