Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, July 15

More troubles with election integrity, next steps for the National Western Community Investment Fund, a Gardner diss track and more.
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Ducks rest in the shade beside a pond in Lakewood’s Belmar Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) ducks; animals; belmar park; lakewood; denver; denverite; kevinjbeaty; colorado

Ducks rest in the shade beside a pond in Lakewood's Belmar Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Seems like a nice day to be a duck, no?

Anyway, here's your news!

Wheelchair Sports Camp released a Cory Gardner diss track

It's been two weeks since MC Kalyn Heffernan and her fellow activists spent 58 hours camped out at Sen. Gardner's office and 30 hours in jail. She's said repeatedly that they won't stop fighting until Gardner stands against the Republican health care plan, and she means it. (Denverite)

An apartment fire in Cap Hill sent one person to a hospital

It also killed one cat and put a dog in the hospital. (Yes, there's a sad photo of the dog ahead.) (DP)

Advocate: Wayne Williams undermines his own message that elections work well in Colorado

“Unfortunately in the letter, the secretary has several suggestions that we think will make it more likely that eligible voters will be struck from the rolls,”said Elena Nunez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause, a nonpartisan group that works on election integrity and voter access issues. (Denverite)

Step 1: Create National Western Community Investment Fund

Step 2: ?????? (Denverite)

Colorado health insurers want a 27 percent premium increase in individual market

That means hikes would affect people who buy health insurance on their own. (DP)

Aurora Theater shooting responders share their stories

Eight of the police officers who ran in as 1,200 people ran out recount that night and the aftermath. (9)

Colorado court: the smell of pot is not enough to search a car

Judges wrote that pot is legal and users have “a legitimate expectation of privacy.” (AP)

The Rockies had a bad night

They lost to the Mets 12-4 in New York. (AP)

Go do a thing

Or many things. (Denverite)

And if you've been itching to get back to LoHi SteakBar...'s the good news. (Denverite)

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