Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, July 18

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Karen Utke enjoys a musical recliner and the first installment of Harry Potter in front of the Denver Art Museum. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) dam; denver art museum; public art; kevinjbeaty; civic center; denverite; denver; colorado

Karen Utke enjoys a musical recliner and the first installment of Harry Potter in front of the Denver Art Museum. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

First things first: it'll be especially hot today. One highly recommended way to not fixate on the heat is to read the news, and there's plenty of interesting local stories.

Like how Denver's pot church got cited on 4/20 for public consumption, the latest in the effort to make DIY spaces above board, and more happenings in the Sportscastle building. Read on, it's like air conditioning for your mind.

For DIY compliance program to succeed, artists say money is a must

Last night, Denver City Council agreed to give art spaces more time to come forward and more time to get up to code as part of a new program offering a conditional certificate of occupancy. Artists agree it's a good start, but say monetary help will be essential to get their spaces up to code. (Denverite)

Assaults against state law enforcement rise

Colorado officers and deputies have reported more assaults in the past four years, for a rise of almost 42 percent, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s annual crime report. They've cited a range of factors, including increased hostility toward cops. (DP)

Denver pot church cited over 4/20 consumption

Three founding members of Elevation Ministries were cited for public consumption of marijuana during their grand opening celebration for 4/20. At issue is whether the event was truly private, and one undercover officer entered the building without registering because of an "opportune moment," founder Steve Burke said. (7)

Albus Brooks re-elected as Denver City Council president

On Monday, the Denver City Council effusively praised Brooks’ work ethic. Brooks even won over Councilman Rafael Espinoza, who had previously abstained from the vote in Brooks' 2016 election. (Denverite)

Another event comes to empty Sportscastle building

Birdseed Collective is expected to bring six bands, food, art and roughly 600 hundred guests to the Sportscastle building from 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday. The firm overseeing the building's redevelopment says they're looking for other short-term creative uses of the space. (Denverite)

Denver Public Library reads tattoos, recommends books

If you like something enough to put it on your body, Denver Public Librarians will give you a book suggestion based on your tattoo. (9News)

Stapleton gets its own coworking space

First Stapleton started getting cool restaurants, now it's getting a coworking space. CentralSpace is expected to open in September, and it'll have free parking. (BusinessDen)

Lakewood wants to cap residential housing growth

Lakewood Neighborhood Partnerships wants to cap residential housing growth at 1 percent, which also means that only 650 units could be added yearly. They need roughly 1,200 more signatures to get it on the November ballot. (7)

World of Beer will close, but beer will remain

World of Beer is closing its two metro locations, but Crazy Mountain Brewing will take over the spaces, so you'll still be able to get beer at both.(Westword)

The Rockies won

Ah man, remember when the Rockies were good and we were all excited and then they started losing a lot? Well they won 9-6 over Padres last night at least.  (AP)

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