Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, July 26

Construction complaints charted, a mess on Colorado Blvd., climate change in Colorado and more.
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Opening day, April 26, 1995, was packed with fans. (Denver Public Library/Western Hisory Collection/Karle Seydel Papers) baseball; coors field; sports; denver; colorado; denverite; denver public library;

Opening day, April 26, 1995, was packed with fans. (Denver Public Library/Western Hisory Collection/Karle Seydel Papers)

Good morning, Denver. I hope you're enjoy this break from the blazing sun. Please take this opportunity to go on a long walk and take your time eating ice cream on a cone outside. The cool world is your oyster.

This Chart of the Week is about complaints

As Paul Schaffer, chief construction inspector for the city and county of Denver, put it, “As you have more construction being done, you’ll have more complaints."

Adrian broke down those complaints and how they're handled. (Denverite)

Colorado Boulevard is going to be a mess

More than usual, I mean. Two northbound lanes between East Seventh and East Ninth avenues and the southbound lane that turns on to East Eighth Avenue will be closed from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday through Aug. 4. Here's why. (DP)

The Rockies lost a close one

CarGo had a tough break to end the game in St. Louis, but one kid from New York had a great night.

Also, they tested out shorter breaks between innings and no one really noticed. (AP)

Speaking of the Rockies' struggles

Let's talk about the approaching trade deadline. Christian has some thoughts on what they could and should do. (Denverite)

Where is it hardest to build housing in Denver?

New research says it's the West Highland and Mountain View neighborhoods. Criteria included the number of new housing developments built in the past 17 years and the area's percent change in the housing price index over the same period. (DBJ)

The Park Hill Golf Club could be in trouble

The club is owned by Clayton Early Learning, which is in the midst of some financial problems, and the future after the lease expires in December 2018 is uncertain. (9)

How climate change can affect the health of Coloradans

Hint: it has to do with wildfires. (CPR)

Don't forget you can start taking your lunch break at Birdcall now

The long-anticipated fried chicken restaurant is open for business at the old Tom's Home Cookin' location in Five Points. It looks really good. (Denverite)

And don't forget about our party

We're celebrating a year of Denverite from 6 to 8 p.m. at Galvanize Platte, 1644 Platte St. We'll have beer from Ratio Beerworks and food from Hearth & Dram and Snarf's. Tickets are $7.

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