Lightweight, a darker shade of blue and made out of plastic bottles: Here are the Nuggets new uniforms

The new uniforms, which were designed by Nike, are heavy on navy blue.
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Gary Harris and Darrell Arthur show off the Nuggets’ new uniforms Tuesday. (Austin Cope/Denverite)

The Denver Nuggets unveiled new uniforms — for real this time.

On Tuesday, one week after the team announced a partnership with Western Union, the Nuggets gave the public a look at two of the jerseys they'll wear in 2017-18.

The new uniforms, which were designed by Nike, are heavy on navy blue. That's a departure from the light blue color that was such a big part of the Nuggets' uniforms in the 14 seasons prior.

Shooting guard Gary Harris and power forward Darrell Arthur showed off the new threads at a ceremony next to the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Both agreed that the navy blue uniform was their favorite of the two.

"I got tired of the light blue," Arthur said. "I’m glad we got rid of that one. I liked the (navy) blue one Gary had on. We have another blue one. I’m not going to give you the details about it. But it’s nice as well."

As Arthur hinted, Denver has more new uniforms coming. The ones the Nuggets revealed Tuesday were Nike's "Association" and "Icon" uniforms. The other two, which were inspired by the "The Athletes’ Mindset" and "The Community," according to Nike, will arrive at a later date, though the team didn't specify when.

Each uniform is made partially out of recycled polyester. The process to make the jerseys includes melting down recycled plastic water bottles. Each uniform represents about 20 water bottles, the Nuggets said.

"I never thought I would see the day, but these jerseys are actually really nice as far as like the weight," Arthur said. "They’re a lot lighter than last year’s jerseys. Especially once you start sweating, it feels like you have a weight vest on. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with these."

The Nike logo is located on the right shoulder (if you're wearing the jersey), while the Western Union logo is on the left shoulder. There's also the number "5280" stitched on the bottom left portion of the jersey, a tribute to the elevation at which the Mile High City sits.

“They feel great," Harris said. "Nike did a great job. They’re super light. They look great. It’s going to be fun."

The uniforms go on sale to the general public Sept. 29.

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