Your Denver news podcast topics this week: Colorado’s groundbreaking football coach and more

Here’s this week’s episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!
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Here's this week's episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!

Here's how our host, Paul Karolyi, describes this episode:

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Dave Burdick talks through Denverite’s Facebook comments policy in light of a conflict that broke out on Wednesday over a post about Black Lives Matter and the Denver City Council. Here’s a link to the post in question.

2) Christian Clark and Kevin Beaty tell us the story of Beth Buglione, Colorado’s first female high school varsity football coach, ahead of her Nederland Panthers’ first game this week. Here’s their story:

How a Raiders fan from Oregon became the first female varsity football coach in Colorado history

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