Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 29

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Denver Tramway Company trolleys circa 1900. (James E. Kunkle/Denver Public Library/Western History & Genealogy Dept./X-18297)

Hey there. We're constantly looking for the news stories that tell us something about Denver -- stories about what the future might hold, what people value here and what makes this place itself. Here's what we found today.

Denver Tramway Company trolleys circa 1900. (James E. Kunkle/Denver Public Library/Western History & Genealogy Dept./X-18297)

The Denver City Council unanimously approved a new law limiting cooperation with immigration authorities. ICE quickly called it "irresponsible" and "dangerous," while immigrant advocates said it was a crucial step in protecting the city's residents. (Denverite)


A scammer stole $850,000 from Boulder Valley School District by faking construction contract documents, as Amy Bounds reports. (Camera)

Remember that proposal to limit housing development in Lakewood? It's frozen, for now, thanks to a local GOP official. (DP)

Developer Mickey Zeppelin told Denverite that his and others’ original vision for “River North” is under threat from generic architecture and a lack of respect for its historic character. (Denverite)

Hotel owners will decide whether to increase guests' bills in order to fund the new convention center expansion. (Denverite)


Houston is experiencing a 500-year flood right now. A similar magnitude of event hit the Front Range several years ago. What exactly does the designation mean? (WaPo)

Driving high:

Drivers in fatal crashes are testing positive more often for marijuana use, as David Migoya reports. It's still unclear whether and how it's actually affecting driving, but many describe it as a serious and vexing question. (DP)

There are now more than 3,000 marijuana businesses in Colorado. The number of medical businesses continues to decrease, while the recreational side grows. Native Roots and LivWell are the biggest names in the state. (DU)

Two local radio hosts have left FM to join a weed-themed radio app hosted by a marijuana company. Adrian's on it. (Denverite)


Mickey Wilson, who rescued a man hanging from a chairlift, recently got married while balancing with his beloved on a net high over a canyon in Utah. His wife's name is Purple McMullen-Laird. I like them. (Aspen Times)

It appears that the Green Bay Packers pranked their rookies into thinking that they owed $33,696 for a team meal at The Capital Grille. The receipt appears to have been fake. (Fansided)

South High School is a tremendously weird building. Thanks, Kevin. (Denverite)

C'mon now:

Local man claims he was stabbed by someone who thought he had a neo-Nazi haircut. Police discover local man actually cut himself with his own knife. Local man is arrested. Tom McGhee reports. (DP)

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