Sleep Number wants Denver to take data in the bedroom

If tracking your steps, calories and productivity aren’t enough, Sleep Number has an option for tracking sleep.
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(Courtesy of Sleep Number)

(Courtesy of Sleep Number)

If tracking your steps, calories and productivity aren't enough, Sleep Number has an option for tracking sleep.

Sleep Number Corp. started selling its "it bed" in Denver area stores this spring. The Minneapolis-based mattress company put sensors in the bed to monitor heart rate, breathing and movement so in theory, people could make adjustments to snooze better.

Denver is the only test market for the bed outside of Minneapolis, where the technology was developed, according to Sleep Number.

"Denver has a very uniquely active and tech-savvy market," said Andrea Marsh, marketing manager for Sleep Number. "

The Mile High City also has people moving here and a lot of 'em.

"It's just seen this huge influx of people and when people are moving that's a really good time to buy a mattress," Marsh said.

A queen size it bed was advertised online Saturday at a regular price of $1,099. A king was going for $1,499. In addition to making sleeping suggestions, the it bed and its associated app offer recommendations around how to work out and recover, caffeine drinking and where your thermostat should be set.

"In our minds, you should know how you sleep," Marsh said. "The eight hours that you're in bed is kind of an unknown. People don't know what's happening when they're sleeping. So Sleep IQ technology gives you that insight to really actually know with data how you're sleeping."

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated where Sleep Number Corp. has its headquarters. The company formerly known as Select Comfort Corp. is out of Minnesota.

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