Winter starts on Thursday for Colorado, both literally and physically

The official arrival of winter on Thursday will bring an extended stretch of actual winter weather to Denver, according to forecasters.
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A snowy day, seen from above the seemingly endless sky of clouds near Denver. Oct. 9, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) snow; weather; cowx; denver; denverite; winter; kevinjbeaty; train; rtd; a line; colorado;

The official arrival of winter on Thursday will bring an extended stretch of actual winter weather to Denver, according to forecasters. Starting on Thursday morning, cold temperatures may settle on Colorado for an extended period.

The swing should be fairly dramatic. Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday will be near 60, but on Thursday the temperature could drop to just 28 degrees with perhaps a couple inches of snow over the Front Range, according to the National Weather Service.

Things get way colder toward the weekend, with the high dropping to around 16 and another chance of snow arriving on Saturday. Temperatures at night could drop below zero this weekend.

(Courtesy National Weather Service)

By Christmas Day, also known as Monday, temperatures will warm up to, oh, say, 29 degrees. And with all this cold weather impending, NWS advises that you pack an emergency kit, winterize your vehicles and share your travel plans.

The cold may stick around for a while, according to Weather5280's in-depth analysis, and could deliver more snow in the long-term, though it's not clear yet.

Some snow would indeed be nice, and not just for skiers. Low snow totals this year could mean a reduced water supply in spring.

Colorado has seen far less precipitation than usual. (USDA)

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