What people always want to know about Denverite and how it involves you

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Denverite’s first-ever membership happy hour at Understudy downtown, Feb. 14, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) denver; colorado; event photo; denverite; kevinjbeaty; understudy;

Hello again, Denverite reader,

After joining Denverite almost two years ago, I was most frequently asked two questions. First, what is Denverite? That one was always easy enough to answer. We’re a group of journalists telling stories about how Denver is changing, and what those changes mean for the people who actually live here and their neighborhoods.

The second question: How is Denverite funded? Not so easy to answer. I could say investors who believe in the power of local, independent news gave us money to experiment with something like Denverite making it in today’s media landscape. While that’s true, it only tells half of the story. What that leaves out is that making it in today’s media landscape requires help from people like you. Help in the shape of news tips, story shares, engagement, event attendance and, most critically, dollars.

Asking for those dollars is fairly new for us. But newsrooms today cannot survive without reader involvement and investment. Denverite’s new membership program launched this month. And through it people like you can help support and sustain the work we do covering Denver. Please consider becoming a member and the next time they ask, “How is Denverite funded?” I’ll say, “People like YOUR NAME HERE support us.”

Will you join Denverite today?

— Adrian (@adriandgarcia)

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