Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, March 15

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Washington Park, circa 1908. (Library of Congress)

Hi. Straight to the news today, friends. We've got school walkouts, renewable energy, misbehaving (and behaving) cops and more.

Washington Park, circa 1908. (Library of Congress)

Chalkbeat has views of the walkouts in Denver, Boulder and beyond. Kevin was out on the west side of Denver, where the protest was about more than school shootings. (Chalkbeat/Denverite)


Only two gubernatorial candidates support the goal of getting Colorado to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040. They are Jared Polis and Mike Johnston. Corey Hutchins on the beat. (Independent)

The law:

Some Denver law officers were commended for brave acts last year. Many others were suspended for things like slapping a woman; allowing a woman to menstruate through her clothes for four hours in a jail cell; and using force that killed an incarcerated man. (Denverite)


A year after proposing a similar bill targeting sanctuary cities, Rep. Dave Williams came up short again. Esteban on the scene. (Denverite)

Denver City Council, the only body of city government with the power to punish or investigate the mayor, will not investigate his inappropriate texts. I reported. (Denverite)

Legislators rejected a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness. (Denverite)


The Denver Post will lose 30 newsroom staffers in the latest round of cuts. It's the fourth major cut in four years — and the biggest. Ashley reports. (Denverite)

The way that police use social media raises concerns for open government advocates. (AP)

Drugs & burritos:

The cannabis industry is weird. It's pretty hard to figure out standard prices for wholesale pot. (NYT)

Mark Crumpacker, the chief marketing officer for Chipotle, is resigning on March 15. Last year, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after it was alleged that he was a buyer in a cocaine ring. The resignation comes just after a new CEO joined the company.(DBJ)


Townhomes? In my Sloan's Lake? Yep. Twenty-four of the suckers. Kelcey McClung reports. (DJB)

Apartments with some kind of coffee/taco/booze thing? In my Lower Highland? 'Fraid so. Josie Sexton reports.(Eater)


Archery tag (like tag, but with bows and soft arrows) opens in Arvada in May. Kate Tracy reports.(BusinessDen)

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