The Spot bouldering gym to open near Denver’s Civic Center

A sizable new bouldering gym is set to open this year in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood.
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A climber’s chalky hands. (Abbottportraits/Wikimedia Commons/CC 3.0)

A climber's chalky hands. (Abbottportraits/Wikimedia Commons/CC 3.0)

A sizable new bouldering gym is set to open this year in Denver's Golden Triangle neighborhood.

"The Spot" is moving into 1235 Delaware Street this summer, a few blocks southwest of Civic Center, according to a news release. The company's original gym will stay open in Boulder, too.

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing in which athletes scale smaller walls without ropes. It allows climbers to focus on their technical skills with less gear-related hassle.

The new gym will sprawl across 19,000 square feet, about twice the size of The Spot's original location. The walls will rise 18 feet. It also will include bathrooms, a workout area and lounge space.

A concept rendering of potential plans for The Spot's new bouldering gym in Denver. (Courtesy The Spot)

The Denver gym will have "more modern bouldering walls." Unlike the Boulder location, they won't top out -- meaning climbers won't be able to get on top of the structures when they complete a climbing problem.

The Spot will sell unlimited access passes at the same rate as the Boulder gym - $18 for a day pass, $75 per month. The gym is pre-selling "founding member" passes at a decent discount -- $550 for a year or $5,000 for a decade.

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