Denver has confiscated over 200 Lime and Bird scooters, and they’re starting to charge fines

Fines start at $150 per scooter — but they could go up
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A man weaves between pylons on a Lime electric scooter, June 12, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

As local governments across the nation scramble to handle the new electric scooter phenomenon, Denver has just applied its new solution, fining companies for having their scooters in the way -- the right of way, that is.

The city of Denver has already confiscated 264 scooters that were in the public right of way, according to Nancy Kuhn, spokesperson for the Department of Public Works, and scooter companies Lime and Bird will have to pay a fine to retrieve their scooters.

The scooter companies will have to pay a fine for each confiscated scooter when they come to retrieve them. The fines start at $150, but the city may escalate these fines up to $500 or $999 per scooter if they pick the same scooter up multiple times.

Public officials and residents have expressed concerns that the scooter craze is already out of hand and was not implemented in an orderly fashion. However, city officials have said that they want to make new rules that could accommodate dockless scooters.

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