Denverite investigates and celebrates all things Santa Fe Drive for one week this summer

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(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

We poked and prodded around the 16th Street Mall, we got into the nitty gritty of Colfax Avenue, and now Denverite is setting its sights on Santa Fe Drive.

Each year, we spend one week focusing our reporting and writing on a Denver thoroughfare, learning about its history, culture, economy and changing landscape. From Aug. 1-8 this year, we'll turn our attention to the historic, diverse Santa Fe Drive. And as always, we'll spend a day out on the street talking to the Denverites who live, work and play there — this time during First Friday.

The week will culminate with a party at ReCreative Denver, a shop connected to Point Gallery that takes donations of creative materials and resells them at discounts.

Santa Fe Drive Week is more than a month away, but we wanted to let you know about it early so you can help guide our reporting. Send us your questions about the community, the history, the businesses, the arts and whatever else. Once we have them, we'll pick a few for you to vote on, then we'll report out the story that garners the most interest. And hey, the rest of them might point us in interesting new directions.

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